A college town is suddenly racked by a series of brutal murders. But while police officials search for the person responsible, the newest member of the force searches for something, not someone. Take this erotic and violent literary ride through to its mind-blowing climax ... if you dare!

Have you grown weary of the same derivative zombie anthologies? If so, sink your teeth into Done to Death. It resurrects the zombie meme, only to give it a  shotgun blast to the head. It'll rip into your sense of decency like a chainsaw through zombies!

Welcome to the University of Wolfcastle. It's a fine place to study the history of Western philosophy. But things are not always as they seem. Be careful, lest you find yourself sucked into academia's dark, violent underbelly.

Buy a book. We dare you.

Meet Mr. Beauvoir. He's tough. He's stylish. He's street smart. And he's got no patience left for the patriarchal gaze. Follow him through the city's seediest district as he tries to change the world... one trick at a time.